In our opinion the . offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles. 56mm bolt leaving a thin wall and weak lugs. These sleek and expertly-designed 325-grain bullets deliver the maximum performance you expect while maintaining superior accuracy and consistency. Like Radical Firearms on Facebook. 405 inch. The Anderson Manufacturing . A fluted, 18-inch barrel, forged upper and lower receivers, a free-floated handguard and a Hogue pis tol grip come standard Jul 03, 2015 · For special needs, the Rock River Arms LAR-458 X-1 rifle is chambered in . I also picked up a nearly new, shot 50 times Predator Pursuit for $900 off of Gunbroker, nice varmint/deer package. INCLUDES RF BOLT CARRIER GROUP & RF CHARGING HANDLE A high-quality upper for those looking for more POWER out of their rifle. 308 Win Brass 600 gr. Nov 09, 2018 · Making . Southern Ballistics Research is the leading manufacturer of . 50 Beowulf load. KAK INDUSTRY is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in wildcat uppers for LR-308 platform and AR15. The most popular are the JDJ series which exist in almost every caliber. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right . If you are using longer bullets and need your throat/freebore extended we require 3-4 full length sized dummy rounds (no powder, no primer) sent to us for this purpose. 458" 570gr Subsonic . com)- Although first conceptualized many years ago by the U. Problem becomes magazines and the howa plastic mag is difficult to modify well. 450 Bushmaster, is a straight wall case that headspaces off the case mouth (instead of the shoulder like the . Jun 15, 2018 · I have a 458 socom as well. Bolt Carrier Only – Nickel Boron R/H. 458 projectiles, a over all length of 1. If I could reload . 458 SOCOM) and, similar to the . 358 diameter Rifle Bullet that's right for YOU. This is a discussion on Near 35 Whelen Performance Out of an AR-15 within the Rifles forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; The shop where I work (Trident Armory) has made an official press release for a new cartridge called the 358 Trident AR-Mag. 458 SOCOM ammunition! We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! 7 Apr 2019 I was looking at 458 SOCOM uppers for a short range elk round. The 358MGP is a wildcat I designed back in 2008 Because I thought a med-bore AR would fill in and take over some of the areas some other cartridges lack and being left handed this worked out even better and its going strong with just 23grs of Lil-Gun and a 200gr Hornady FTX and a 16. Customize your perfect AR-10 or AR-15 Precision McGowen Barrel. It's Lyman #2, 457-340 lee mold, comes out at . 223 Wylde chamber was designed as a match chambering for semi-automatic rifles. 458 SOCOM upper receivers. 575 inches, and the cartridge overall length is 2. 99  A free inside look at SOCOM salary trends based on 20 salaries wages for 18 Salaries posted anonymously by SOCOM employees. 458 SOCOM reloading components brass supplies AmmoSeek. Then, there is the 358MGP which is 6. Biggest drawback to the Socom is the cost of the factory ammo. 358 SOCOM Reloading dies are available directly from CH4D. 308 or . 458 SOCOM ammunition. There is a SOCOM owner on the forums that just purchased a Bowers to compare to his Lane so I am looking forward to his report as to which is better. 458 SOCOM is healthiest, while the . Any changes could change the way your AR functions. 63×40mm) is a moderately large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower  18" 4150 chromoly 358 SOCOM Barrel and Bolt set. 473 inch. 358 SOCOM Parts. A 1400 lb. 358 Yeti generates more energy than all of these! Is it just a super efficient cartridge? 458 SOCOM and 50 Beo were already members of the "short barrel is fine The 458 SOCOM, (SOCOM is an acronym for Special Operations Command), is an awesome cartridge that is basically a lengthened 50AE case, necked down to accept . 223 Rifles! 458 SOCOM is an extremely versatile hunting round with a large variety of ammunition to choose from. 458 brass you are looking for. 375 SOCOM full length size die. Both are thumpers and available in AR-15 platform rifles now. The 300-grain (19 g) round offers a supersonic muzzle velocity of 1,900 ft/s (580 m/s) and 2,405 ft⋅lbf (3,261 J), similar to a light . The 458 SOCOM was designed for a very specific purpose. 260 Cal XD Suppressor. 458 Socom, 358gr cast w/ H110 Been trying to figure out a decent load for my cast but I haven't been able to find a good guideline to base off for cast. . Make sure that you get the . Base diameter is a fat 0. Indeed, the . 458 SOCOM shooting Barnes 300gr TAC TX bullets  4 Nov 2019 Idaho sharp shooter- the 358 socom would be interesting. Accuracy and velocity is quite surprising and the 350 grain SOCOM bullet will do 1350 FPS compared to the 2250 FPS of the 55 grain 5. History Famous for its lever action rifles, it is ironic that Winchester’s attempts to evolve the lever action brush carbine along with potent medium bore cartridges have had only limited success. 458-SOCOM-Rifle-3 The flattop upper provides plenty of real estate for mounting optics, such as the U. 50 Action Express . 458 SOCOM). My father and I both have nearly identical rifles. Either will handle pigs and other game, but the . com. 458 SOCOM Bolt Action Rifle made by US Veterans for shooters who need a rifle for dangerous and large game. " What bolt does a . Military, the . 458 SOCOM Lancer 10/rd, Lyman MSR Precision Die System 4-Die Set . If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. 358 diameter bullet. 35 Gremlin (necked up 6. This Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM AR-15 comes with all you need for a successful hunt. Description of Operations Financed: The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is a Unified Combatant Command with Title 10 responsibilities to organize, train and equip special operations forces (SOF). Your Caliber Choice? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. ranchmerc . 400 to  ​The . 375 SOCOM case through your . 358 Win. 19 Sep 2016 Although first conceptualized many years ago by the U. 42 ($2. It's supposed to be easier to load for because of this for headspace, but it also has to be loaded like a rifle round instead of a straight wall pistol round. Jul 03, 2015 · For special needs, the Rock River Arms LAR-458 X-1 rifle is chambered in . 458 SOCOM Complete Upper. Reloaders can form their own . Additionally, I have spoken with a well known barrel extension manufacturer and I are discussing a newly designed extension to allow for better feeding of the . 5" 9mm/. 00 Add to cart; 358 SOCOM Barrel Only $ 299. It was an old military Mauser converted from 9. For folks in the . If any Non Mil Spec (Adjustable Gas Block, Heavy Buffer, Reinforced Springs, Light/Heavy BCGS, Piston Systems) parts are used, X-Caliber must be contacted. 458 SOCOM, the . 308 head configuration. 00. They are both Radical Firearms 16 inch barrels with free float quad rails. 308Win, right? I'm drooling over this caliber. 458 SOCOM Pew Pew Penetration Test (Line up the milk jugs!) Public Service Announcement: Keep 300 BLK Away From . from 2 plus years in Africa the itch for the all around rifle I had over there got really bad. 63×40mm) is a moderately large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower receiver. 5Grendel is more of a mid to longer range cartridge. 458 SOCOM upper for $600. . 458 SOCOM load and a 325 grain . 00 – $135. The . SBR specializes in duty, match, and training ammunition for all demographics from the casual shooter to military and law enforcement. 50 Beowulf AR-15 (using a simple blowback operation). The main purpose of the round is hard hitting supersonic performance inside of 350y capable of taking any game in North America. 223 Rem and 5. 50 Nov 26, 2019 · A Brief History. Choose the . FollowRadical Firearms on Twitter. 5" barrel you get 2132fps and shoots under 3/8" 5 shot groups at 100 yards. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. [email protected] 9200. Complete Bolt Carrier Group – Nickel Boron R/H. Starline strives to hold the closest production tolerances possible on every caliber we produce to ensure the highest quality brass available. Mar 15, 2019 · Like the . 5" - 5. Uppers>458 SOCOM. 100% US Made. There may be nothing to gain, but it is nice to have options to tailor loads. I fired the prototype 358 SOCOM for the first time today. The bolt is made from Hello Everyone, I am fixing to start working up a load in 458 SOCOM. 458 SOCOM is the same as . As you can see, the . I bought a brand new, unused first run RRA . Home / Ammunition / Rifle Ammunition / 458 Socom 458 Socom - 325gr FTX 20 count · Add to cart · 458 Socom - 325gr FTX 20 count. A good hunter could use either and do just fine. 358 Winchester, or . Regular price $ 999. All handloads used Starline cases and CCI 350 primers. 458 SOCOM Monster, 16. 62 x 39 and 458 Socom “Heavy Wall” bolt design. SOCOM Grand Challenge #3: operator, which is currently in development at SOCOM with the first article prototype 353-358, 11/15/print 2001. 458 SOCOM use? I've never seen one. 358 SOCOM Dueling  Left to Right: 35 Remington, 35 RAR, 358 ARk, 5. 56 NATO cartridge used for the M4 and M16 rifles. 458 SOCOM. The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service & extensive product knowledge. It is alot of fun to shoot and mine has been completely reliable unless I try to use pmags. 458 SOCOM (11. 56 _ can the 458 socom or the 450 BM (or 30 RAR) be necked down to 6-7mm? - Page 1 - AR15. 56 rounds ability to bring down the enemy quickly and with as few shots as possible in combat while using platforms such as the M4 and M16. 458 SOCOM is the perfect Indiana deer cartridge, especially in the AR series of rifles. What’s in your chamber? The hybrid CMMG Resolute . We Thank You!! Also: Protects Paint/Coatings, Piles Brass Up Closer, Prevents Brass-Burns . Im in no way knocking the 458 SOCOM just want to show how a mid-bore is a great hunting round for the AR15 platform that uses standard 6. 458 SOCOM achieves optimum ballistic performance in barrel lengths shorter than 16” so there is no need for longer, less portable barrels. 3x74R 270. 375 SOCOM has the rim rebated to 0. 458 SOCOM is designed to bring 600 grains of punch to the hunt. 00  28 Jul 2016 I have been testing another wildcat from TROMIX, the . 458 SOCOM Forums. Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammunition cases are still the first choice of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. 458 Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. Showing all 7 results. Pin Radical Firearms to Pinterest. Enter the . 458 SOCOM Aug 14, 2017 · For his birthday, Tony Rumore or Tromix Lead Delivery Systems came up with a slightly different idea and built himself a . 16 авг 2017 Странная «пушка» сделана на основе серийной модели Tromix . " Now, Barnes has improved on perfection by adding a streamlined polymer tip. 308, but are not nearly as well known. 458 SOCOM Bushmaster, Lehigh Defense Controlled Fracturing Lead-Free Bullets . 458 SOCOM was designed as a solution to the lack of stopping power that the 5. [email protected] 358 Winchester was one of the first cartridges designed using a modified . The design was inspired by members of the Spec Ops community when discussing the multiple shots required to down an enemy soldier. Use a larger caliber, such as . WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. 56mm NATO ammunition. 358 SOCOM barrels and my write up of the cartridge can be found on the . I have taken three deer with this caliber/rifle combo in the last two years. 458 SOCOM but I know the ammo is expensive. Radical Firearms FR16458SOC15 AR-15 FHR Semi-Auto 458 SOCOM 16" W / One 10 Round Magazine, MBA-2 Hard Coat Anodized Out of stock View Details » View Details » Out of stock Quickload help: . 458 SOCOM vs . 50 to $3. Shop Glfa Muzzle Brake . A year or two ago TROMIX did a small run of . The . 308, . Seven years after I returned to the U. I just picked up a RRA w/ a . 195. 458 to . TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The 458 SOCOM was designed to fit the AR15 platform, and is capable of pushing a 300 grain bullet to 1950 fps, generating over 2500 foot pounds of muzzle energy, and 25 foot pounds of recoil. 358 and now we're talking! 25 Jul 2018 In this cartridge comparison of the . 358 Cal XD Suppressor. 458 SOCOM Upper Assembly + Free Shipping over $49. Find what you need in four easy steps. I went with a Lane suppressor. 458 SOCOM has several design and performance advantages over the. 458 SOCOM shooting Barnes 300gr TAC TX bullets almost exclusively for the past year and a half and I can state without reservation it is the ultimate hog medicine out of an AR platform carbine! So far my . Right click on the image of the load data and use save as. 308 Winchester case while the . The load data in the database is not verified to be safe. 500 Beowulf including improved functional reliability and the use of a standard AR magazine. 358 Yeti Brass From . In 2009, Barnes developed a new bullet specifically for use in the . 3X57mm to a 62mm case. 458 diameter Rifle Bullet that's right for YOU. Apr 16, 2014 · Like the title says I'm thinking about buying a . COM. We are a full service manufacturing group, call us with your needs for Solidworks design, CNC progrmming, CNC manufacturing, and CNC equipment. 458 SOCOM was orginally developed for Task Force Rangers who were dissatisfied with the 5. ) Bill Wilson’s ideal hunting AR. 458 SOCOM cartridge has seen a major spike in popularity over the past few years. 458 Socom 5/8"-24 Threads Black | 33% Off 5 Star Rating on 2 Reviews for Glfa Muzzle Brake . Fwiw 458 socom is the only one of the three that headspaces off of a shoulder instead of the case mouth. 25-inch barrel. 358 SOCOM full length size die. Buffalo Bore Ammunition 47C/20 Hunting and Sniping 458 Socom 350 GR Jacketed Flat Nose - 20rd Box Your Price: $52. We have been providing factory 458 SOCOM ammunition since it was developed by Marty ter Weeme, aka: Teppo Jutsu back in 2001. 458 Socom, 458x2 inch American, 338 Federal or 358 Winchester to be used as a paper puncher more then anything, Cal listed in title are in the running. 458 SOCOM case, but they must first run the cases through a . Uppers seem to be a bit hard to source. 875" Gas Block, Mid-Length Gas System, muzzle threaded 5/8-24. However, the Beowulf has a much more heavily rebated rim (down to . 458 SOCOM, the 300 grain Tipped Triple Shock X, also known as the TTSX or TAC-X. 358 SOCOM, которая, в свою очередь, является младшей сестрой  Hornady Custom-Grade™ New Dimension™ Dies are the most advanced reloading dies available today. JDJ cartridges give the highest ballistic performance in each caliber consistent with safety, long gun life and exceptional accuracy. If you are buying ammo, 450 bushmaster and Beowulf are both considerably cheaper. S. "SG ammo is by far the most reliable and trust worthy company I have ever bought ammo and magazines from. 3mm (366 dia) 9. 458 SOCOM cartridges, order this 50-round box from Hornady. I’ve always loved big fat bullets and the guns that shoot them. 458 SOCOM moves out at 2528 fps in the 140 grain bullets, but slows down to 1798-1860 with 300 grain bullets. 1:14 Twist, . All brass is produced within SAAMI specifications and includes special heat treat processes and designs to enhance strength and longevity. They're created from select steel that's heat- treated to  Look no further for your . You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 358 SOCOM, is formed by simply running a . socom 16 for sale and auction. 458 SOCOM takes only two caliber specific parts-a . 458 Socom Bolt Carrier Group - MPI This 458 Socom black nitride BCG from Toolcraft is a popular choice for AR-15, M4 and M16 builds due to its mil-spec design and lifetime warranty. The medium-lightweight profile barrel will provide amazing accuracy and lightweight portability. Powerful enough for big game, but at ranges limited to about 150 yards. I don't see the need to go with a conversion to one of the 458 rounds based on a belted magnum case. Like the . 6 x 40 mm round designed for one hit kills. , there are I have been using the . 458 SOCOM: Warning! Notes: Tromix . The special forces community wanted to collaborate on a new round that would be compatible with the existing M4 carbine, fit existing magazines, and maintain subsonic, heavy hitting properties. Since its introduction in 2003, Barnes' TSX Bullet has earned a reputation as "the perfect hunting bullet. Subscribe to the Radical Firearms Blog McGowen Precision Barrels only uses SAAMI spec chamber reamers in our chambering services. (Thanks to Wikipedia for above paragraphs) (Note: Many are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start. 458 SOCOM. Couldn't pass it up at that price and . Or, perhaps someone was joking on his behalf as he turned a year older and wiser… The 358 Socom looks like an easy one to handload with a simple 375 parent case. 260 inches. Thank you for your order! All orders are shipping out within 48 hours. The term "M1A" is a proprietary title for Springfield Armory's M14-pattern rifle. This Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) comes fully assembled and ready to drop into most mil spec . $1500. 358 Winchester, history, loads and performance on game. 338 Federal, . Modern ammunition uses smokeless powder as the energy source. It is a 150 yard point blank rifle when properly sighted in. 358 Win 200 gr InterLock® SP Item #91318 | 20/Box . Basically like our 35 Whelen. 16" 458 SOCOM SS SBR's . I. After owning a 458 Socom AR and knowing its downfalls, I would never have a bolt action in it. Case length is 1. 458". 5 Grendel to 358) . Laser engraved markings on  While I really like my bolt action hog rifles in . 358 Yeti is a mid-bore wildcat developed for the AR-15 platform with the balance of speed and power in mind. 458 SOCOM, THE HAMMER OF DEATH for hogs. So I need to know who makes the best 458 SOCOM reloading die? And what is the range of the 458 SOCOM under a normal load? New Hornady ® Ammunition Handgun Hunter ™. A+ customer service. This profile is being adopted as a new standard for the M4A1 Carbine. Oct 25, 2011 · My opinion is that the . 358 SOCOM barrels in the next 30 days. If you already have a bolt that you'd like to use, send it in and have it headspaced to your new barrel. Rock River Arms, Inc. Dec 02, 2016 · I've always wanted to know how many hits steel can take from this BRUTAL bullet. Velocity is the average of 10 rounds measured 15 feet from the gun's muzzle. View · Saxon9 - 7. All types of rifles: AR-15, bolt-action, semi-auto, hunting and tactical from brands like Remington and Winchester. We don’t just machine out the bolt face on a standard 5. Comes complete and assembled with Upper Receiver, Forward Assist, Custom Ejection Port Door, Barrel Nut. This muzzle brake is a [Read More…] The SOCOM is a brute–350 grain bullet at 1350 FPS for a 6” barrel! SSK has chambered well over 200 calibers in the Contender. Commercially loaded ammunition is not currently available for the 358 SOCOM. 2 ☆ 358 Reviews. The 10. Shop our vast selection and save! These are the newer CASE-GARD ammo boxes. Material: USGI Aluminum magazine body, Stainless Steel Spring, Polymer Follower Follower: Calegalmags Green . Apr 28, 2014 · Wilson-Combat-Recon-Tactical–Custom-Grade-. **I have a RRA . No more broken lugs. 375 SOCOM head stamped brass is available from SBR Ammunition and reloading dies are available from Tromix, Redding, CH4D, Hornady, and Lee. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. 458 @ 358gr avg. 5, 358, 458 SOCOM Shop Radical Firearms 16 in. In your case, it totally depends on what you are going to try to do. 450 Bushmaster and the . Any one looking into OCO SOCOM-251 I. 458 SOCOM rifles by adding an adjustable gas block, extra power action spring and straight gas tube as a standard reliability upgrade. The SMOKE COMPOSITES fixed, 100% carbon-fiber stock, lightweight, match-grade button rifled barrel and Wilson Combat M-LOK rail shaves the most weight possible from the AR platform without sacrificing reliability, practical accuracy or durability. 22 WMR 9x19mm 9x21 9x23 30 Carbine 357 Sig 40S&W 400 Cor-Bon This M 16 is a a six-inch barreled 5,56 with SSK stainless suppressor. We accept returns. 458 SOCOM ARX features PolyCase's ARX High Penetration bullet. My best group to date has been with Barnes 300gr TSX FN seated to 2. 458 Socom 5/8"-24 Threads Black + Free Shipping over $49. While 358 SOCOM is a necked case, I have found lil'gun to be a very accurate and workable powder in necked applications. 450 Bushmaster and . The SOCOM M4 profile is a mid-weight profile barrel for the M4A1 Carbine. Two thumbs up on 458 The . 5 x 65R RWS · 221 Fireball · 366 TKM · 6. 5 x 284 Norma 257 Weatherby Mag · 375 Socom · 8mm Lebel · 264 Winchester Mag U. 458 specific bolt and barrel- Wilson Combat is further optimizing their . WINCHESTER’S SLEEPER. Read more · $140. com A new logo and visual identity for SOCOM, Finlands's South East Centre of Excellence of Social services  Product Overview Midsouth is proud to offer Shooters World SBR-SOCOM Rifle Smokeless It's a high density ball powder optimized for use in the 458 SOCOM. We also do 6 inchers in 300 Whisper® (BO) and 458 SOCOM and would do other suitable calibers if anyone asked. com The case length was chosen to be compatible with the Barnes 300-grain X Spitzer bullet. 1 of 1 . If you need an outstanding bullet for your . After a year of development, a few thousand rounds, and a pretty sore shoulder, we feel this is absolutely one of the best uppers we ever offered Mar 27, 2019 · Tromix Lead Delivery Systems, one of the pioneers of big bore AR-15 rifles and ammunition, has introduced a new linear muzzle brake for large caliber AR-15 rifles such as those chambered in . The 45 Raptor would be a better choice, and allow farther shots with less bullet drop. 338 Federal is a relatively new SAAMI standardized rifle cartridge. Price. A fluted, 18-inch barrel, forged upper and lower receivers, a free-floated handguard and a Hogue pis tol grip come standard We are the leading manufacturer of 458 SOCOM, 375 SOCOM, 240 Spectre and 338 Spectre ammunition. 458 Socom? These powders' burn rates are between (or REAL close, depending on the chart) to H110 and RL-7. SAFE & SECURE SHOPPING We encrypt all connections which involve an exhange of personal information between your computer, tablet or phone and our website. Thanks to meticulous and innovative engineering, Nosler is a trusted choice for many gun owners all across the country. 458 Socom Ammo found in: CMMG Magazine MkW-15 . If you are looking to get into the big bore semi-automatic hunting game, ensure you get a rifle that can run it all. 458 SOCOM ammunition! We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! Sep 19, 2016 · USA-(AmmoLand. This over looked and miss characterized cartridge is a solid round only over looked when Magnum fever was all the rage. 541 inch with a neck diameter of 0. 358 WSSM (various names, but all are some form of a WSSM necked up to 35 caliber, some are shortened to make them big game legal in Indiana) . 458 SOCOM ammo for sale that's in stock at Lucky Gunner Ammo - today! Featuring cheap . 458 SOCOM ammunition for sale online at discount prices, including cheap ammunition, bulk ammunition, and surplus ammo. Smokeless powder is much more powerful than black powder or Pyrodex®. Any one looking into May 28, 2013 · The 358 will out perform the 338 Fed when hand loaded. 5mm Suppressor. We will be making another run of . This company is based out of Oregon and has a wide selection of bullets, cases, and whole ammunition. Jan 01, 2016 · A quartering shot just below the apex of the near shoulder is the ideal shot placement for hunting hogs. I went socom because I'd rather headspace on a shoulder than the case mouth. Although equipped with a muzzle brake, a suppressor can be added to take full advantage of subsonic ammo loaded with 500-grain bullets. COM, visit our contact page, or call 1-855-407-AMMO (2666) Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST (We do NOT take phone orders) You Are In Alaska. 458 SOCOM Bolt Head New patent pending 7. 458 Socom . The data should be used as a reference only. Millions of successful hunts have proven the accuracy and deadly effect of the famous Hornady ® InterLock, ® SST, ® InterBond ® and GMX ® bullets we load into Hornady ® Custom™ rifle ammunition. 458 SOCOM cartridge has seen a major spike in popularity over the past  +358 45 260 3846 henna. 458 SOCOM Upper Assembly | Up to 18% Off Customer Rated on 22 Reviews for Radical Firearms 16 in. 5" 6. Guaranteed to be in stock + ready to ship. 447″ instead of . 450 Bushmaster is almost dead. 574. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: Amm Look no further for your . Add to cart · $95. All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology providing permanent dry lubricity, extreme durability and increased wear and corrosion resistance. matthias, Nov 6, 2019 #16. 458 SOCOM Rifle Cartridge by Nosler Inc. parts until Springfield Armory, Inc. The 45-70 already carries a punch like a freight train loaded with sledgehammers, and the 458 SOCOM is its modern equivalent. Early M1A rifles were built with surplus G. 458 Lott used brass. Features custom blue anodized accents with milled designs, integrated scope mount with picatinny rail, stainless steel bull barrel with crowned muzzle, anti-rotation pins, finger groove contoured grip, and attached bipod. Make a completely custom AR today! However, the . Reloading data is available directly from Tromix. It will accomodate both . 50 Yards. 358 SOCOM Dueling Rifle. Check out new Handgun Hunter Today’s big-bore AR cartridges up the ante when it comes to bullet diameter and weight—and they can really pound game—all while staying true, in form and function, to the original Stoner Nosler is ready to help with all of your ammunition needs. 450 Bushmaster has the extended range if needed. Load Data. all available rifles can be modified to be compliant with new jersey & california state laws Feb 06, 2018 · Good looking rifle. It is the . We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. 450 Bushmaster are often interchangeable. All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology that provides permanents dry lubricity, extreme durability, increase wear and corrosion resistance. With the Sierra 200s back in Stock FINALLY time to work on some loads further. Developed for Standard AR Platform Upper Receivers. 375 SOCOM brass is available directly from SBRAmmunition. 458 SOCOM and . 357 SOCOM Carbine Battle Rife with a scope . Nov 16, 2018 · The Socom seemed like a cool idea–basically a semi-auto 45-70. Building the . ) Help me decide. 45-70 but with a much smaller case. The 458 SOCOM cartridge is a relatively new cartridge, but harkens back to the old west when cartridges were designed for short range killing power. 458 SOCOM Details. 50 AE is also the parent case of the . 63×40mm) was designed and developed by Marty ter Weeme of Teppo Jutsu, LLC in 2000. 375 SOCOM game with me consolidated data. 8 Bolt and the only modification needed is the magazine which i am in the process at work in designing my own mag for this round. A strengthened 458 SOCOM bolt will be used to accommodate the . First pic is a . 375 SOCOM. This Bolt Carrier Group is fully assembled and drop-in ready for most MIL-SPEC . Yep the 458 SOCOM would be a thumper but I have a Marlin 1895GS in 45-70 so I am trying to think if there is any real advantage to the 458 SOCOM in the AR platform. 375 SOCOM brass using the parent . 358 MGP Vs. 357 SOCOM Carbine ManualImproved Small Arms Rifles 1 Plans SkillBallistics 90Components1x Steel Stock 1x Steel Automatic Action 1x Steel Long Medium Barrel 10x Scrap Plastic 1x Hunter's Scope 1ToolBallistics Tradeskill KitTime2m 0s (1m 30s Idaho sharp shooter- the 358 socom would be interesting. This allows it to fit neatly, single-stacked, in a standard AR-15 magazine. With my gear (mostly milsurp magazines), that's enough room to clear the magazine all the way down and they chamber fine. Running them with WWLP over 35gr of IMR 4227, I get one ragged hole at 50yd. The flats milled under the handguards are for mounting of the M203. $52. Hyatt Guns is America's Largest Gun Shop. Google didn't come up with much on forming them from something else. 5 - 7. 358 Yeti The . 458 SOCOM RESOLUTE keeps going when you need it most. 338 Federal and . Billet receiver is no longer manufactured. Introducing Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM Complete Upper. 458 model a ready-made upper that is designed to handle the increased dimensions of the round. Whether you’re defending your family or looking to bring home the bacon (and all the other cuts), the . 458 follower. I have been using the . They have better selections and pricing than sportsman guide and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a real American no bs ammo and supply company. With a 20 inch barrel, 46 grains of AR Comp tossed the 200gr Hornady FTX out at 2504fps. A 458 socom is more of a short range cartridge, and the 6. 56. WARNING: The load data in this database can be submitted by anyone. We sell guns, gun accessories, custom knives and more! Tromix there’s some good people over there and they were the ones that got the whole 458 Socom thing going to begin with. Toolcraft Black Nitride (458 SOCOM) Bolt Carrier Group MPI - $72 Toolcraft Black Nitride . I like the idea of Neck down the 458 SOCOM to . 9. 50 Beowulf, we are going to take a look at how these two cartridges, which often compete in  Saxon6. 56 NATO offered. In addition to 458 SOCOM ammo, we also carry rifle ammunition, pistol ammo, and shotgun shells from top brands like Federal Ammunition Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) Bullets 458 SOCOM (458 Diameter) 300 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 50 Savage rifle offerings are a great platform for multi caliber setups due to the barrel nut that holds the barrel tight to the receiver and sets headspace. 458 SOCOM, . For those of you who . 375 caliber (375 dia) 375 Winchester 235 375 HH Magnum 235 375 HH Magnum 270 375 HH Magnum 285 375 Ruger 235 375 Ruger 270 375 (The . 30-06 and . As the acronym implies (Special Operations Command), members of special operations units were unhappy with the 5. then working on the cookbook to create a pressure safe load for 180-200 grainers in the 2700-2800 fps range. com or by phone at 800. We use Mil - Spec parts for testing. 8 based. If you are interested in one, shoot me an e-mail at Tony. 458 SOCOM Upper Receivers. Use this form to select your options and features and order it today! Due to the production time on a custom barrel, McGowen requires a 50% Deposit on this product. 458 SOCOM ammo rifle AmmoSeek. Buy in bulk & save even more! The . Sell your socom 16 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Description. 473″ for the . 1. 458 SOCOM Upper Receiver is constructed from 7075 T6 forged aluminum and includes a wider ejection port. But I have to say is very effective and very accurate. Our ARs are tested with mil spec buffer tubes and springs. 458 SOCOM is a 11. 450 Bushmaster load, a 300 grain . You can also click on the image and a pdf version will Jan 24, 2010 · Re: 458 SOCOM Load Data Anyone use IMR4227, Accurate 5744, Accurate 1680, or Accurate 2015 for the . Was looking at the 458 socom, but brass is an issue in them. 458 it would be within my price range to own. Properly headspaced bolt for match level accuracy. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. 458 SOCOM There are no products in this category. Sort of like my . 56/6. 450 Bushmaster: Similarities & Differences. 375 SOCOM on the left, 358 SOCOM right. Complete BCG is also available. 45ACP Camp carbine on the juice. 358 Winchester are also well designed short action cartridges descended from the . 458S is a low pressure round that is well below the safety margin for even a small ring Mauser. 458 SOCOM is legal for Indiana deer so it was an easy decision. If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and/or bullet weights/styles not listed on this page, contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at [email protected] 458 SOCOM, the Tromix . Buy a socom 16 online. I worked the numbers for a 250 grain . I reload so cost isnt gol bad. , beginning in 1974. 16" 458 SOCOM Barrel and our new Panzer Muzzle Brake to take the bite out of the round. The rim of the . 458 SOCOM . 22 LR . ) I believe there are practical reasons why these big bore AR cartridges have achieved very limited market success. Basic Reloading Precautions. One thread suggested 300win mag, but don't see how with the rim size so different. 3x62mm 270 9. 458 SOCOM’s have accounted for over 100 hogs. $275. 621 per round) In stock (Only 2 left!) Ammo Box 458 Socom found in: MTM Deluxe R-100 MAG-30 Series Rifle Ammo Box - 100 rd, Red, MTM Deluxe R-100 MAG Series Rifle Ammo Box - 100 rd, Green, Lehigh Defense Controlled Fracturing Lead-Free Bullets . 4. Just put the crosshairs on the deer's chest and do your part as a rifleman. As I think I remember there was an Asian fellow that designed the cartridge and Tony who actually built the components to work with the cartridge. Open up the load data page you wish to download. A Broken Armory 80% AR15 X CNC Lower Receiver BLK is the perfect project for any firearms enthusiast. [20] U. Please DO NOT contact the Range with questions concerning LAX Ammo, instead please email us with questions at [email protected] May 28, 2013 · The 358 will out perform the 338 Fed when hand loaded. 458 SOCOM used brass & . Tony Rumore Tromix Home / 358 SOCOM Parts. Accuracy is the average of four five-shot groups fired from a sandbag benchrest at 100 yards. This places the heart, great vessels, lung and spine in the bullet’s path. 22 Savage · 358 Norma Mag · 6. WYLDE CHAMBER: The . Briefly, here are the key results. 358 Winchester 158 358 Winchester 180 358 Winchester 220 358 Winchester 250 35 Whelen 158 35 Whelen 180 35 Whelen 220 35 Whelen 250 358 Norma Magnum 180 358 Norma Magnum 250. 575", and with a rebated . It averages $2. 462 but sized to . Product Description. Handgun Hunter™ packs all the hard-hitting performance of our rifle rounds into a rough and rugged handgun cartridge. Optics 1-8X SR-8C scope, for fast targeting on duty. Best rifles online at the best prices. com and I'll  458 Socom. The ARX is designed to transfer maximum energy to target by a hydrodynamic ram effect. began manufacturing their own. Brown Bear is Charging You. 358 SOCOM Barrel & Bolt Combo $ 349. But we don’t want to do just fine, we want to get the ammo that will help you do your best. Follow Radical Firearms on Instagram. 458 SOCOM Upper Receiver gives AR-15 builders who are looking to produce their big-bore . 5mm/. I plan on starting out with standard crimp loads with Lil' Gun. The round is excellent but little interest was shown for it at the time and it was dropped. Brownells is your source for 458 Socom at Brownells parts and accessories. Near 35 Whelen Performance Out of an AR-15. 358, just one more step after taking the . The ultimate big bore short action rifle cambering the 458 SOCOM cartridge duplicating and improving the ballistics of the 45-70. 5 is in pistol configuration but want to SBR it. 458 SOCOM upper that I've been working with at the 50yd line. 358 WCF. 358 SOCOM. Build a custom AR-15 barrel . Works very well. Saxon - 7. 458 Socom upper and was wondering if anyone is shooting one and what there thought were; Hunting, Target shooting, problems etc. Saves Brass for Many Calibers Including: 223, 224, 300, 6. Which would you choose and type of barrel (lenght, bull etc. A view to emulate Drupal core's handling of taxonomy/term. 473 case head of the parent brass. 458 SOCOM necked down to . The unique shape of the ARX bullet enhances the surface area and exploits the rotational force of the bullet, resulting in a self-defense round that is engineered to perform. SOCOM requested the mid profile to better handle the volume of fire from their shooters. The Springfield Armory M1A is a civilian version of the M14 rifle designed and manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc. Externally coated with 2400. This allows the end user to change barrels easily at home with minimum tools. If any Non Mil-Spec (Adjustable Gas Block, Heavy Buffer, Reinforced Springs, Light/Heavy BCGS, Piston Systems) parts are used, X-Caliber must be contacted. by Paco . The most awesome Demolition Ranch shirts and hats here! http://www. We offer both . 17 HMR . The 458 SOCOM cartridge is a moderately large round designed for modified AR-15 upper receivers that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower receiver. 50 Beowulf. The main purpose of the round is hard  14 Aug 2017 For his birthday, Tony Rumore or Tromix Lead Delivery Systems came up with a slightly different idea and built himself a .   The Socom II has a quad-rail that will allow you to mount whatever The SOCOM II has the same specially-engineered 16 inch barrel and proprietary muzzle brake as the SOCOM 16, so you can expect the same Phone: (209) 358-4867. 00 Cheap prices on all 458 Socom ammo. Oct 05, 2018 · Reloading dies and magazines included. 458 SOCOM ammunition and bulk 458 SOCOM ammo. 358 socom